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About Us

Arquitectura en Barro starts activietes in the year 1984 as a small organization devoted to marketing bulkhead and pots in the city of Morelia, Michoacan.

As the company has grown, its diversity of products has also done so.

Now handle products that complement the line, such as clay tiles and concrete, and tile floors, columns, mouldings and zoclos, blinds, chests of pigeons and virtually any product mud needed to carry out creative and innovative architectural projects and designs for a space suitable for home heat.

Our company recognizes the impact of our products in their environment, so that only sell materials developed with the best raw materials and production processes to allow the appropriate application of them in various systems and construction processes, whether traditional or avant-garde.

We are confident you will find in complete satisfaction on every product design, which manifests itself in harmoniously with its architectural work.
To give your home warmth of what our…

Arquitectura en Barro.


To provide the customer what is necessary for building works that are perfectly to accommodate the most important human needs within a simplistic and enjoyable.

To become a leading International in the marketing of products for construction, providing cutting-edge designs and excellent quality.